Men: Where to Meet Older Women for Dating

Today, I’m going to speak to the men out there about dating.  In specific, how to date OLDER women.

Meeting older women is not rocket science and younger men who fail at it are usually just using the wrong tactics or coming across as too needy. Dealing with older women requires a degree of tact and it is mostly about timings and proper execution. Read on to find out more about how you can meet older women who match your preferences and interests.

The first step that you can personally opt for without putting in any effort at all is going online. There are countless dating websites which cater especially to older women and cougars. Here you can get your basic experience down so that when you go to a real club or bar you will be able to hold a conversation. Here you can get access to plenty of women who have made accounts precisely so that they can get to know people like you.

Try to be well dressed for a Skype date so that you can give a good first impression. Your profile should ideally be complete and be indicative of your real personality, work life and hobbies. This will help you find women who share those interests. If your profile is well thought out and planned, you will save a lot of hassle in introducing yourself.

The next step is to try to make friends in the age group that interests you so that they can hook you up with other friends. Blind dates might sound scary but they are a great way to meet people that others think are perfect for others. If you usually have trouble asking older women out, this will save you from doing that as well.

Agencies are another great way to meet older women. These dating agencies have made it their job to match people who share the same interests or jobs. Signing up with one of these agencies can open up your world to a variety of options which you previously never considered for yourself. Agents even take the trouble of introductions so that your work in the matter is minimized.

Older women that you regularly interact with can also be great for a date. Look for attractive older women at your workplace and see if they are single and interested in you. You can easily find out information about them and it is also easier to ask them out since they are in the same surroundings as you.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Girlfriend or Wife Happy With You


Are you planning to make your girl happy tonight? Or want to make your relationship work? There are some things that you didn’t know about girls and you should find it out. This will help you give the right response and let her feel that there are lucky to have you in their life. These are the ways to keep your girlfriend, wife or partner happy.

  1. Show her that you care – showing your love and affection would absolutely make her feel happy. You may cook breakfast for her, treat her to fancy restaurants, make her a letter, leave a rose on a table or whatever you are up to. You can always do something to show that you care, just do something and she would gladly accept it.
  2. Treat her and spend some time – one of the things that girl or your wife need is your time. This is why they say yes to you and they agree to be your partner, because they love you and they wanted to spend their time with you, so don’t let them feel rejected and find time for her.
  3. Online-DatingDont let her feel defeated – never let her feel that she is defeated in every fight you make, in every argument she starts and etc. The reason why she reacted that way is that, you lack something or you didn’t do something that she wanted you to do. The last thing you will get is fighting and too much talking, so avoid that and make her feel that she’s the winner even if its not. If you truly love her, it would never matter anyway.
  4. Let her feel that you love her – the most important thing in relationship is that, you should make your partner feel that you love her no matter what. There may be fights and good times, but always make her feel and understand that you love her that is why you are doing it to her. This will keep them low and prevent fights from your possible mistakes.
  5. Never put her on shame – never put your girlfriend on shame to any situation that you are going to experience, because at the end of the night this would mean a fight. It would be best to keep your light and shining armor figure. Be the man and show her that you can be the hero for her, by covering the mistakes to yourself and never let anyone make laugh of her.
  6. Give her hugs and kisses – it is never a good thing to ask for sexual intercourse, if you want to keep your girlfriend or wife happy. Always remember that girls just need the love and affection which is not just about making love. The secret to make a girl or your wife happy is to show that your hugs and kisses are real. It is simple yet very important to girls to make them feel that you love her and you care for her, by just giving hugs and kisses. Even if you don’t give chocolates and flowers all the time, because this makes them feel that they are important to you.

If you will be able to do these following ways, then there is no doubt that your relationship will last for long and there will be no cheating or arguments that would happen. Keep in mind that whatever the girl does, is the response of what you did to her or what you didn’t do when she needed you the most.